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Spesifikasi Kaca Lantai atau Floor Glass

Sell Glass Floor On The Floor

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Floor Glass

One of the current trends related to the use of glass is the glass floor that not only presents the uniqueness but also adds value to a room. Even so, given the nature of the natural glass is more easily broken than other materials commonly used for floors, of course there are some things to consider. Here are things related to glass floors that you need to pay attention and understand.

Understanding Floor Glass

Glass floor is a glass material that is now used not only as a window, partition, door, but also as a floor material. Considering its function which is quite unique and at the same time makes many people nervous when stepping on it, there are some things that must be considered beforehand. One of the main things to consider is the strength of the glass material to the cost of manufacture and installation.

You should understand beforehand that not all glass can be used to make floors. This is due to the resistance factor of the glass so that it does not break and crack must be carefully calculated. Glass that is generally used as a floor is glass with a minimum thickness of 20 mm with the type of tempered glass.

The choice of tempered glass type is because glass is indeed much stronger than conventional glass types. When installing, care must be taken to support the glass load to be strong and balanced.

Glass Floor Function

Glass floor that is generally made transparent has various functions for a room. The use of this glass itself can be said to be a trend at the moment because it not only functions as a floor in general, but at the same time provides an elegant effect for a room. Considering that there are so many functions for a room, this glass floor can be used in various places.

Glass floor is now also widely used in a restaurant and café that carries the concept of contemporary, unique and fresh. Some family restaurants that have a fish pond at the bottom will certainly not miss the opportunity to use a glass floor, considering that this one material can make fish in the bottom translucent from restaurant visitors.

Although it offers many advantages for the interior design of a room, the use of glass floors will not be applied in all parts of the room. The reason is besides being more expensive than conventional flooring in general, of course because it is more difficult to install. This glass floor will be installed in a special place that indeed presents a uniqueness such as a fish pond or on the second floor.

Size of Floor Glass

Related to the size of the width of the glass floor is relatively dependent on the size of the space to be installed. You can order glass for the floor area of ​​1 square meter, 9 square meters or wider than this size. While the minimum thickness size is set at 20 mm. The goal is certainly more to the security and safety of users.

The size of the glass will greatly affect the installation costs because it needs to be taken into account the framework of the bottom of the glass to remain balanced and sturdy. In addition, the glass used for this floor must also be fitted with anti-slip so that it does not slip easily.

Selling Floor Glass

You can order glass floors in Varia Jaya, which has more than 30 years of experience supplying glass needs in the country. Various items made of glass from the partition walls, doors, windows to the floor can be ordered at Varia Jaya. Varia Jaya's own location is on Jalan Mangga Dua Raya in Komplek 31 and number 9, West Jakarta.

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